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Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists... Here’s another fun one to explain. These can be setup a number of different ways.

You may have heard of these referred to as List Servers, E-Mail Reflectors, Discussion-Lists, or by the name of the software that runs some of them such as Majordomo.

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Let us remind you of one of our Policies pertaining to Spamming.

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When used properly, Mailing Lists can be a very valuable tool in business. By creating Newsletters and/or discussion groups. It keeps people coming back to your website for more information that is valuable to them. Newsletters truly help in, “Product Branding” by seeing your name and website every month.

One use of the Mailing List System is to use it as a discussion group. Whereas, you have a specific topic that you would like to discuss with many people at once but don’t want to send E-Mail to everyone and realize later you forgot to send it to someone. The Mailing List program will allow you to enter everyone’s E-Mail address once and then you send your messages to the List Server Address. Then the List Server will send a copy to everyone on the list. When someone on the list replies to the message it goes back to the List Server and everyone again on the list will see that reply. This goes for everyone who is subscribed to this List Server.

The second possible use for a Mailing List would be if you have say a monthly newsletter that you send out to many people, say 1500 people. Using Microsoft Outlook this would take hours and hours to send out to everyone via your dial-up connection. By setting up a Mailing List you could send this letter to one account on the server and the List Server Software will then in turn send your newsletter out to everyone subscribed to the list in a matter of minutes not hours. All you have to do is create the initial list of E-Mail addresses, and your newsletter.

There are many possibilities to the use of a Mailing List. If you have any questions about the details of how you would like to use a Mailing List Please give us a call and we would be more than happy to discuss your ideas with you and how to make it legal.

The following are links to more information about the software we use called Mailman.

Here is the Owners Manual in HTML Format.

This Document is not ours and is a work in progress. It should get you started. This will also open a new window.

Click Here

One way NOT to use a Mailing List!

Purchasing a CD-ROM of E-Mail Addresses and importing them into a Mailing List then sending messages out to that list.

We do not allow the sending of Unsolicited E-Mail in any capacity. This is one way to, 1. Lose your account with us, 2. Incur additional charges and fees for abusing our servers. In addition, you can be liable for Legal Action from those whom you sent Unsolicited E-Mail to. 14 States have enacted laws prohibiting E-mails of this nature and we are seeing that some people are pursuing Legal Resources and Legal Action!

Please see our Policy on Unsolicited E-Mail.
Our Best Suggestion to you is:
Don’t even think about it.

Thank You,
Las Vegas Web Hosting Management Team

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