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CGI Center

The CGI Center will install the basic CGI scripts such as Form to E-Mail, which is the most common script used. Or you may install your own scripts with virtaully no restrictions*.

Installing your own scripts is allowed. You can find thousands of free scripts all over the Internet. One place to look would be Matt’s Script Archive. You can find many links to CGI and Perl Script archives in our Web Resources section of our Support Center.


As of 5-1-01 we no longer allow the use of UBBS (Ultimate BBS) Software on our Servers. If you need to use some type of message board software we recommend using vBulletin. This software is PHP & SQL driven and is supported by our Servers.

Reason: UBBS uses a flatfile database and is very inefficient when the BBS gets larger amounts of traffic. Whereas, vBulletin uses an SQL database and runs 80+% faster and uses less CGI resources.

At one time, UBBS was in fact the best BBS system on the planet but, the developers have failed to continue developing their system with more current technology.

vBulletin can be found for free at:

The Free Version is called vBulletin Lite. It does not have all the features as the purchased version. However, it is a great way to get started.

There is also a Pay Version of vBulletin but is not necessary to have a Message Board. There are also many other PHP & MySQL driven BBS’s out there. Just look at some of the Script Archives that are out there.

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