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Account Information

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This part of your Control Panel shows At-A-Glance information regarding your account.

Sub-Domains. This shows how many Sub-Domains you have currently active. Here you see we have 1. That is the Sub-Domain you are looking at now at

MySQL Databases. This shows how many SQL Databases are active. As you can see, there is one Database currently active.

Disk Usage. This one is an important piece of info. This shows how much disk space you are currently using. You are able to exceed your plan allotment, however, you will be automatically billed for it unless you upgrade your plan first. This is what you will need to keep an eye on in order not to exceed your allotment. Overage prices are shown on the Hosting Plans Page

Bandwidth usage this month. This part shows how much data your Virtual Server has sent out to Client Internet Browsers and FTP Programs. E-Mail transfer is not included in this figure.

Disk Space Available. This shows you how much disk space you have left in your plan allotment. This part is directly proportionate to the above Disk Usage.

E-Mail Accounts. This shows how many POP3 E-Mail accounts you have setup.

E-Mail Forwarders. This shows you how many E-Mail Forwarders / Aliases you have setup. We will get into more detail as to what this really is.

Auto-Responders. This shows you how many E-Mail Auto-Responders you have setup. More details on this later in the support sections.

E-Mail Filters. This shows how many email filters you have setup on your account. Again there will be more information in another section of the Support Center.

FTP Accounts. Last but not least, this shows how many FTP accounts you have setup in your account.

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